Dark Matter Pearls

Prof H.B. Nielsen (Copenhagen)

Contacto: agonzale@icimaf.cu

Fecha: 2017-10-12

Hora: 14:00:00

Lugar: ICIMAF, Calle E esq a 15, Vedado

Main ideas: Strongly Bound State: We speculate that mainly due to exchange of Higgs bosons a system of 6 top plus 6 anti top quarks bind so strongly as to make a bound state with appreciably lower mass than that of 12 seperate quarks and anti quarks. Multiple Point Principle: We propose a new law of nature(MPP) saying, that - somewhat mysteriously may be the coupling constants and other parameters, such as the Higgs mass square, get adjusted so as to guarantee that there are several vacua all with very small energy density(=cosmological constant).